24 August 2018

They say Christmas comes around once a year but at CT International, we enjoy celebrations of that nature all year round. Just last month, I hosted another successful Trolley Dash for my employees. For the past 14 years, I have given back in more ways than one. What is especially important to me is to cherish my employees for all their hard work, long hours, commitment and loyalty in to making CT International a leading Financier. Now I know that a simple thank you means a lot, but I have long ago decided that I will do something extra special for my staff. This is the annual Trolley Dash my employees get to embark on. The rules to participate in the Trolley Dash is simple. You have to prove yourself with good attendance and displaying good work ethic.

I am proud to say that 22 of my staff members qualified for the Trolley Dash this year.

Well done to all those for qualified for the Trolley Dash 2018. I am sure that you will agree that in today’s times, every bit helps. This year’s Dash which was held on Friday 24 August took place at Game Store N1 City. What adds to the fun and excitement about the Dash is that participants are taken to a surprise location where they get to fill up their trollies until it cannot hold any more. Staff geared up in their running shoes and arrived at the store at 08: 00 am, ready to take on the aisles in their shopping extravaganza.

The participants this year really gave me a run for my money and ran up a bill of R56 965.10 worth of purchases. From appliances to groceries, luxuries and household essentials, the day was a great success and a difference was made in so many lives.

It was not only a fun experience but also one of sheer pleasure. The smile of my staff’s face was priceless. They have all expressed their gratitude for this opportunity which allowed some a little extra to fill their grocery cupboards with.

I want to end off by thanking all Champions once again. Your relentless hard work, continuous dedication and firm commitment has enabled you to qualify for this year’s trolley dash. What an honour it is to be amongst those who have proven their excellence as Champion employees.

As I have said to everyone, the exciting part is that everybody has an opportunity to qualify. So, think of it this way, from today forward everyone one of you qualify for trolley dash. You are starting off a winner. Only you can knock yourself out?

We look forward to seeing some new faces joining in on next year’s Trolley Dash.


Your Captain


Testimonials from Staff Members

  • “Thanks once again for the effort with the trolley dash and that this incentive is still running after all these years with as much excitement it started with! I really enjoyed myself while gaining lots of benefits. Thanks to all involved” – Tracy-Lee Mackriel
  • “Thank you very much for the Trolley Dash, it is greatly appreciated” – Nadine Praah
  • “Thank you very much for the Trolley Dash, you won’t believe what a big help this is for me and my family. I really appreciate it very very much. Thanking you” – Alverna Idas
  • “Hi captain, Once again than you very very much for our annual trolley dash. It is much appreciated and makes a HUGE difference in my grocery budget. Thank  you thank you. I will do my utmost by always trying to go the extra mile for our corporate clients and our company. I hope that you will always regard me as an asset to our company.
    God bless” – Haroldene
  • “I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part in the trolley dash, it’s much appreciated. This helps a lot. And like you’ve said, every little makes a difference and this really does. I will be sure to join the dash next year again” – Zaheer
  • “Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this year’s trolley dash. Got more than I could ask for. It is highly appreciated. Looking forward to next year 😊” – Lindsay
  • “Thank you very much for this opportunity today. Much appreciated.
  • It was great fun, and definitely raises awareness on staying fit, and being healthy. Who knew 2min could be so tiring – Simonè
  • “Thank you so much Mr Russon for this opportunity, I feel very blessed. This is the first company that I have ever worked for that does this for its staff, will truly make a difference in my budget. Thank you very much really appreciate it – Lynn