Congratulations on making the choice to be curious enough to read my website.Frog

I trust our lives both share a common belief. P.M.A!

Positive mental attitude; “Which means the absolute belief that without a shadow of a doubt I will be successful in whatever it is I want to do.”

In my opinion, the reality is that there will be three types of people who will read my site.

Tell me if you agree?

First type: YGo getterou’re ambitious. You believe the more you know the more you need to know. You have a strong desire to want to consistently improve; you have a thirst to want to increase your knowledge and income so that you may enjoy a more fulfilled life. You realise by learning from the success or failure of others, you will be enhanced to achieve your goals sooner rather than later. I call it reducing the school fees one has to pay in life.

I am assuming that you have been referred to this site by someone who shares the same ambition, mindset, and values as you do.

Second type: Natural curiosity – chances are you are not mentally strong enough to change your life as you’re in a comfort zone. Be it good or bad.

You often read and hear about how the quality of life can be improved, you desire it, but sadly you lack the willpower to do something about it!!

Third type: Your life is about seeing the glass as half emptyWhich one are you not half full. You take more effort in trying to find fault in people or the company you work for as opposed to having a positive approach to it. You live a life reasoning why it can’t be done and don’t listen to those who believe the opposite.

“If someone gives you a lemon in life, make lemonade”

Never forget, our thoughts are a reflection of our actions. I will even go as far as saying that some people’s thoughts are so negative they will read my site not for encouragement but to rather try and discredit me, which would not be a hard thing to do. Who is perfect after all, we are all human?

But you have the power to change those negative thoughts.  I challenge you to read everything I have written in my blog under the various captions and then ask yourself at the end, “from what I have read, if I apply just 10%, what are the  chances that my quality of life can be improved or would it be worse”?

 Remember this saying:  “Unsuccessful people discuss people. Average people discuss past events. Successful people discuss ideas and concepts.”

Which one are you?

One thing I mentioned earlier that would be good to remember, is that life is about making choices. If you have been living your life negatively, you can make the choice to live it positively by trying to change yourself in order to live a life which is more fulfilled.

May I assume you have now made the decision to want to improve your life?

If so, congratulations, let me help you by sharing three points to kick start you to now live a better quality life.

Point one

  • Often the result of not achieving your true potential in life is due to the people you associate yourself with. Do they inspire you when you share ambitious thoughts or discourage you?  If not, start to change them slowly and re-introduce yourself to new friends or social surroundings which can make more of a positive difference to you. This can start with choosing a sport or a hobby, thus enabling you to meet new friends and diversify your thoughts and positive thinking. For instance, if you’re in the first team at school for rugby and by choice you choose to spend time playing with the fifth team, do you think you will improve or worsen your game? If you share your ambitions with the fifth team players and say you wish to get to the first team, do you think the majority of the fifth team will encourage or discourage you? My message I am bringing across is simply:

“You cannot expect to hang out with negative people and expect a positive life

Do you agree to strive in reaching your full potential, your success would be much easier being in the company of people with the same ambition?

Family you cannot choose, but you can strongly reinforce your attitude to life by letting them understand your thinking of P.M.A (positive mental attitude) “having the absolute belief without a shadow of a doubt you will be successful in whatever it is you want to do”. Friends who do not associate themselves with your positive thinking is a choice you can however make.

Do you agree?

“Attitudes and habits are contagious, is yours or theirs worth catching”

Point two

  • Read success stories and motivational books – don’t fill your mind with failure. Set short term and long term goals. Plan your work and work your plan.

“What the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve”

Point three

  • Work hard to ensure your personal life is balanced.

Do you agree it’s hard to focus your mind on work when the home front is in shambles? So in your personal life in order to get the maximum benefit of a focused mindset and positive thinking, some examples can be:

  • Having a good spiritual life
  • Spend less than you earn
  • Not letting anger and unhappiness from people consume you
  • Give of yourself freely to those in need
  • Exercise for min 45 minutes three times a week

There are many more points I can share and elaborate on, but I encourage you to start with any one of the above three now and you will see how easy the rest will fall into place.

Future champions, can I assume that some of the following situations below for some of you may sadly have affected your quality of life?

  • You might be unhappy at work, feeling that you are giving your all and working hard but not receiving the recognition you desire for it or not being up-skilled in the areas of skills potential you know you have to offer.
  • You have too much month at the end of the money. In other words, your financial situation is not a pretty.
  • Personal relationships with your partner, children, family, friends and colleagues are currently not at the level you would like it to be. You sometimes just say the wrong words at the wrong time and do the wrong things at wrong times.

Trust me when I say if you read my entire blog until it’s embedded in your DNA I will make a difference to your life (As long as you read it four to ten times).

You have that choice. Can I challenge you to make the right choice?

If so then click immediately onto my Motivation page.

To conclude, I once again thank all those people who have been a part of my life that have enabled me to live such a quality, fulfilled journey. Have I had my challenges? Of course I have, it’s part of the journey, but it’s not how many times we fall down in life that counts it’s how many times we are able to get back up that counts. You agree?

To those of you who have chosen to want to better their quality of life, I will re-cap in saying I have taken the liberty to create separate headings for those that wish to read more on specific areas such as:

Starting a business: Sharing my experience in the business challenges of starting your own business. Elaborating on at least five companies I have started from scratch.  Click here to see page

Entrepreneurship: Do you tick the boxes to consider yourself an entrepreneur? Click here to see page

Property Investing: Turning R5000 into R 100 000 000 plus. Click here to see page

Benevolence: You feel good when you do good. Sharing with you how donating time and money will enrich your life. Click here to see page

Bizarre situations: Besides humorous, and hard to believe some crazy situations of giving beyond the call of all expectations. Situation One or Situation Two

Life threatening situations: It was life or death situations, what saved me? Click here to see page

Motivational: This includes live video conferences too. Click here to see page

Monthly updates: I shall indicate monthly what pages I have updated in that month, in the event you wish to further enrich yourself. This includes Business Challenges and Business Advice to Young Entrepreneurs. This will be an ongoing website which I to, shall expand on from time to time.

I thank you for taking the time to read about me. I hope I can make a difference in your life the way I know I will if you just let me in.

“To become a self-enriched millionaire start your journey in reading, absorbing and implementing”

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Let’s start our journey.