Facts which cannot be ignored that may impact on your P.M.A

The first word is SNIOP, Which means suggestive negative influences by other people. It is caused by jealousy and ignorance.

Let’s say for example you have always been overweight, and wear clothes that hide those love handles, the friends you hang around with are the same. Now you decide to start running and your shedding those kilos, you buying new clothes and not the ones that are loose fitting but are tight fitting, do you honestly think the majority of your friends are going to encourage and motivate you consistently?

You say hey let’s go to the beach today, and you rip off your shirt, showing that six pack, and dive into the sea. How many of them would love to take off their shirt but won’t because they are embarrassed about the shadow they are casting on the beach. Another beached whale !! Now I am not saying all of them are unhappy people, I am merely indicating you will get less encouragement from them and more from people who have formed the same habits you have from exercising and eating healthier.

Do you agree?

The last example of SNIOP can be business. You with a group of friends and you all earn roughly the same.  I had that situation when I worked at the bank. But then I decided to better myself and join this industry I am in now. During my first month, my income was double what I earned at the bank. Now I still saw my friends at the bank, but when we went out I would enjoy better food and instead of one beer and two straws (no jokes), I can now drink  my own. You should see the jealousy in friendship. Nobody was truly that happy for my success. They hated having to battle monthly (too much month at the end of the money) and I am now starting to live the life. Then if I had a challenging day and vented with them, they would say well you have given it your best shot, so you can still get a job back at the bank, then I realised I needed different friends who can encourage and motivate me when I am having a low day. Which I did. I choose people who worked for or understood my industry or successful in their own business ventures .

My old schoolmates were always fine, it was mostly the friends I had while working at the bank.

Now you might say I think I have been guilty of SNIOP. Well, you can change that to SPIOP.

“If you get a lemon , make lemonade.”

Suggestive positive influences by other people.  Don’t you agree you can be the one who can motivate and encourage others positively?

To do this it only takes a small change to start, and then the momentum will follow.

To help you succeed better in your goals, take the following consideration into mind:

85 % will succeed if you write your goals down and tell others.

55 % will succeed if you just write your goals down .

35 % will succeed if you do none of the above and only decide your goal in your mind.

Champions, fire up your engine, let’s set your next challenge now and email me on mikerussonpma@gmail.com when you have achieved it.