Trolley Dash


24 August 2018 They say Christmas comes around once a year but at CT International, we enjoy celebrations of that nature all year round. Just last month, I hosted another successful Trolley Dash for

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SALT- Finishing Strong Program


“49% of all learners who start Grade 1 drop out of school before reaching Grade 12” SALT established the Finishing Strong Project to break this trend to provide financial, motivational, and educational support to students who strive

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Secret Santa


On Thursday, 18 December 2017 residents from Cape Town wasn't ready for what Managing Director, Mike Russon had in store for them; he gave staff members a budget of R100 000 to spread goodwill and

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Hope Church


  Dear Mike Russon   I want to say a huge thank you from the Zambia Project for the generous donation of R150 000.00 towards Hope Church. The funds have been received in our account

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Keira’s School Report Card


When we first spoke about Bizarre Situation 2 I am sure many of you wondered how things would turn out. So here is a little update on the family. Amy is doing really well in

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Bizarre Situations 1


Bizarre Situations 1: My mom has a friend Audrey 80 years old; she has an only daughter that she adopted at birth. Sadly her adopted daughter now 35 was never a giver only a taker

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Bizarre Situations 2


Bizarre Situations 2: We were coming home 10 pm at night from the rugby at Newlands. Driving down Milnerton road, my wife said, “Did you see that family with children on the side of the

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