As managing director of a company I work with many staff. These are some of the words of gratitude that have been sent to me over the years as a boss.


Part of my faith is giving to the church but over and above that it is also good to give blessings to those who help others.


Family is very important to me and I am blessed with an amazing family. Here are some letter from members of my family expressing their love.


I have been blessed over the years to meet a great many people. Firm friendships have been made and mean much to me. See some letters from a few of these friends.


Part of benevolence and being a blessing to others is mentoring and motivating others as well. Below are a few letters expressing gratitude for the motivation and mentoring I have given.


One of my passions is helping others reach for and achieve their dreams. I can often do this through sponsorship. Here of some of the people I have sponsored over the years.


Giving is not always about money or material possessions, sometimes it is about giving up our time to help others. See letters below from some of the people I have given my time to.